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About us

Rick van den Akker (ambassador / racer)

The best way to describe me is ‘RC Addict’. I love the hobby and the challenges it creates. Finding the right setup and racing for position is what motivates me most. 

For the last 4 years I’ve spend more and more time in this hobby, before that I used to combine some easy driving with flying helicopters and planes, also RC of course. I started racing locally but soon moved forward to national and international races. 

I like to try all the circuits in the country to improve myself and get better rand faster. Combine this with good friends and a nice atmosphere and you’ve got a nice weekend ahead of you! Driving outside The Netherlands on the most beautiful tracks every times gives an extra boost. 

I’m always more than happy to help fellow drivers whether they have just started or are already longer in the hobby. I think everyone can learn from each other. It’s always nice to see if people actually improve after my tips.
I drive Electric Touring Car onroad, 12th scale Mod and 2wd buggy. 

Auto:        Xray T4 2018
Speedo:   Hobbywing XR10 PRO 160A
Motor:      Hobbywing G3 4.5T
Battery:    Sunpadow 6000

Lincoln De Simone ( ambassador / racer )

Hello to all the friends of Racingline RC
My name is Lincoln De Simone and I've been practicing Rc for about 18 years, I've always raced in the 1/8 nitro Buggy category in Italy but, since I moved to this beautiful country, the Netherlands, I started practicing the 1/10 Touring Electric category.
Fortunately, the transition from one category to another was not difficult thanks to the friends of the HFCC club in Den Haag who help and support me a lot .. I do not know what I would do without them ?
The hardest thing in 1/10 EC for me is being able to maintain the maximum concentration for 5/7 minutes and I'm working a lot on it since I was not used to it.
I drive and compete mostly in the stock category but I'm also approaching the modified to see if it suits me.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm a perfect tester because I'm not a "professional" driver but just an intermediate with a lot of experience in RC, so, to Racingline-Rc's friends, I'll always be impartial and objective.
Greetings to all

car XRAY T4 2018
speedo Muchmore Fleta Euro V2
motor Muchmore Fleta V2 13.5
Batteries EZ Power 6600

Nick Devlin ( junior ambassadeur / racer )

Hi everybody. My name is Nick Devlin. I’m 14 years old. I started RC racing this year (2018), driving an M-chassis car. Recently, I purchased a second-hand Xray t4 set. I am just starting to get to know the car. I am a member of the HFCC Racing Club in The Hague and I am being helped a lot when I run into problems. I get help and advise on how to get the basic set-up and how to improve from there, gradually managing by myself. Also, I get helpful tips about getting the car around the track fast!
I am very happy to become a Junior Ambassador at Racingline RC because I expect it will help me improve my driver’s skills further and make me faster. The idea is that I monitor and report the set-up and the changes to the car as well as my progress, which we share on Facebook. I’m looking forward to it.
Greetz Nick

Car: XRAY T4 2017

Steven Koiter ( owner / racer )

RC Model Racing has always kept me busy from an early age and the moment I first came to the HFCC Hollandia I was sold right away. Touring car was aslo a popular class back then, so that was the class I was going to run in. After a lot of training rounds, the first (Club) races were driven, with the result getting better and better.
In this period I was lucky enough to compete with racers of all levels, this resulted in a lot of knowledge that I have been able to use to this day.

With Racingline RC I would like to use that knowledge to help advanced and novice racers to get even faster.

Daniel Jansma ( owner / racer )

As an enthusiastic RC hobby racer I have been a member of the local RC club in The Hague for years, NL: HFCC Hollandia
Competing in races, collecting new things and gaining new techniques is what I like to do. So I drive together with my club friends nice local races and we participate a few times a year in an International competition such as the ETS competitions and the Masters of Foam.
Together with my companion Steven Koiter we want to offer a webshop for local clubs, members and all hobby drivers in Europe that is userfriendly and accessible to everyone.

Racingline RC was founded in July 2018 and is developing at a furious pace into a mature webshop with many brands. In addition to delivering RC products, Racingline RC will share tips and tricks for new products as well as things like adjustments and changes to the cars setup.