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ONE ARX 482R Receiver for Sanwa - ONE-90209

ONE ARX 482R Receiver for Sanwa - ONE-90209
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SANWA RX-482 Telemetry/SSL Receiver - 107A41257A

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ONE ARX 482R Receiver for Sanwa - ONE-90209

One is pleased to release the new ARX-482 R receiver. This 4 CH receiver with very small dimensions 23.6x18.4x28.4mm with only 7.3gr weight is compatible with practically all Sanwa radios including the newborn M17. Thanks to its technical features the One ARX-482 R is able to communicate with the transmitter in real time to monitor the voltage. It supports 1-2S Lipo power and stabilizes the voltage. The 4 CH plus battery input makes it the right choice for all categories.

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