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5th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag

5th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag Hi Everyone,

Last sunday I participated in the 5th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag, it was the first race after my holidays in Italy and, not having had time, I brought in my Xray T4 2018 without any kind of control and / or maintenance.
I was a bit hesitant about reliability but the car held up very well and I did not have any kind of technical problem. (ok, maybe finally I understood how to build a car properly.. maybe!)

The car was really easy to drive (especially if compared to my Mugen MBX7R 1/8 Buggy nitro that I drove on vacation in the big and nice facility "Roma Cross Village"  ending the race unexpectedly on the podium) predictable and consistant, certainly due to the excellent setup, for which I'd like to thank my friends Rick van den Akker and Steven Koiter, and also to the new "vacuum cleaner" machine of which the HFCC club has recently been equipped.

This machine removes (by sucking) all traces of dirt and dust from the track and gives it the possibility to have a high and constant grip since the first round of qualify to the last final (what else could a driver ask more? :-D).
It was really a beautiful day, even the weather was mild until the end of the race and luckily it rained but only after the prizes ceremony.

Two big surprises in this race: the first one was the performance of Fokke Groen. incredible! I'm still speechless! a race all in crescendo, with screaming lap times, closed in 3 position behind Rick and Steven... well done my friend!
the second one was the lap record breaking by Steven Koiter with a16.920 in final number 1.. awesome!

About me, also because I was a bit sleepy (on sunday I work from 6 to 9 o'clock in the morning.. so I wake up at 5!), I could not have driven better than that. In the qualifications I made a big mistake in the last lap of the Q1 and I didn't finish it, Q2 was a bit better but not so much so I started with number 5 in the finals.

First 2 finals I was a bit slow and, even without making mistakes, my lap times were a bit high so I finished both in 5th position, in the last final I tryed to switch the body from a Montech Racer "La leggera" to a Bittydesign M410 Lightweight and I removed 20 grams on the chassis to compensate the weight difference from these bodies.
The car was very nice to drive with more steering but I made a couple of little mistakes so I closed in 6th position that means 6th position overall. 

What to say.. not so bad.. not so good.. but at least, as always, I learned a lot of things:

- if you have in your bag a new tyre set just USE IT, you will be for sure faster, you can spare money on other things but not on tyres

- looks like if you want to be fast enough in stock category you need a high capacity battery with a high discharge rate too so, for next race, i'm going to take a Sunpadow 7.4v 8400Mh 120/60C ad i'll try to write here my impressions and if there are actually benefits or not.

- If the track has grip you can increase your steering angle.

- if you have a race the day after, try to have some good sleep the night before :-D

Greetings to all the friends of Racingline RC, full gas always and see you to the next race!
  Lincoln De Simone     28-08-2018 22:38     Comments ( 0 )
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