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Racingline RC Blogpage

On this page we place our blogs where we test and compare RC products. Also a number of race reports will be placed here that have been held by our ambassadors.
My first indoor race at MRC Vianen

  Nick Devlin     21-11-2018     Comments (0)

My first indoor race at MRC Vianen On 11th November I went to the MRC indoor races at Vianen with the guys of Racingline-RC. It went well. The Wednesday before the races Daniel and I had checked and prepared the car. I was already 0.4 seconds faster during my first qualification heat than during the practices in October, even though I started the first qualification late because the engine had come loose. During the second heat I focussed on staying on the track and improving my lap times. Very difficult! I ended up in the C-finales.

The races were very exciting because we were very close. In the end I just didn't make it bacause I don't have the driving skills yet that the others have. It wasn't easy to race that close and competitive without making mistakes.

I ended up second-last, but I have learned a lot. Racingline-RC, thanks for all the support!

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My first training with the touringcar

  Nick Devlin     30-10-2018     Comments (0)

My first training with the touringcar Hi everybody!

Sunday, October 28, we had a nice training on the indoor circuit in Vianen. We went with me (Nick), Daniel, Lincoln and Rick to practice for the upcoming matches.
It was the first time that I have driven in an indoor track and I notice that if you make a mistake you usually hit a hard bording and that there is then a greater chance than outdoor that you can destroy something, I have so the two bodies I had taken were destroyed.

When I started in the morning I did not know the track and I drove quite cautiously but later in the day I went quite fast. I got good help from Rick so I was only slower for two seconds per lap than the fastest! The car felt good and I only had a bit of a deviation to the left. I have had a lot of fun and hope that we will do it more often.


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NK Tourwagen Modified 2018

  Rick van den Akker     29-10-2018     Comments (0)

NK Tourwagen Modified 2018 Hi racers!

So at the end of the summer season and the beginning of the winter season a small update from me. Last summer I participated in the Dutch Championship EC10 for the 4th year. In 2015 and 2016 I did that in the stock class where both times I finished 2nd in the championship, in 2017 I decided to drive Modified and again I became 2nd in the championship. In all three years I have unfortunately not been able to win a separate Dutch championship.

This year it was different, this year there were battles for first place, tactical changes and finally victory at the Dutch Championships.
At the beginning of the season I decided to start the season with an Xray T4 2018, in combination with an LRP Flow X controller and LRP X22 4.5 engine. During the season I switched to a Hobbywing set consisting of a Hobbywing XR10 Pro 160a controller (naturally in orange) and a Hobbywing G3 4.5 engine.

This year there were 6 contests planned, AMCA Apeldoorn, HFCC The Hague, MRM Lelystad, MACH Heemstede, RACO2000 Utrecht, Hotwheels Deventer. The match at the AMCA was for many people a preparation for the Tonisport competition and subsequently the ETS competition that would be organized at the AMCA this year. It was a long time ago for me that I had driven in Apeldoorn, namely 2015, when it was very cold with snow and rain, now it was 30 degrees. On saturday tried to find a setup so the tires did not overheat and on Sunday the qualifications started with a good feeling. I was allowed to start in 2nd place and had a mega start in the 1st finals, unfortunately Sidney started less well and we touched each other. Finally, after nice battles in the 2nd and 3rd finals with Sidney and Govert, I was able to win! My first victory at an NK, very good feeling.

Then came the 2nd game, the home match, HFCC The Hague. This is the club where I am a member and where I spend my time every Wednesday evening. I know that I can be very fast on this track, but certainly on big races this puts extra pressure on. During the training on Saturday, I made it more difficult at the end of the day because I made a small mistake which damaged my chassis plate. After a quick change of the chassis for a new one run made, the car was fortunately still good. Sunday started the game, for me it was very busy because I am on the HFCC also the person responsible for the race management and timekeeping. Fortunately, I was well helped by my RC friends from HFCC! Qualifying 1 and 3 won me pretty convincing so I was allowed to start from spot 1 in the finals. The finals I have all three checked out, especially Florian Joos good party offered! HFCC is a job that suits him very well. For example, after 2 NK races in the season 2018 I already had 2 victories and I was at the top of the standings.

Competition 3 would be held at MRM Lelystad, unfortunately this race was canceled due to organizational problems of this club.

Competition 4 was at MACH Heemstede, another circuit where I am a member, but certainly less to be found than at HFCC. Again and very warm weekend combined with high speeds, unfortunately this resulted in a number of problems with the tires. The fast riders were present again and promised to be a nice weekend. After qualifying, I was on the 2nd spot of the starting field behind Mitchell van Es. I started the first finals very well and in the 2nd lap I overtook Mitchell after he got confined. So I also took the lead in the 3rd match of the Dutch Championships! Unfortunately this, in combination with poor food and little drinking, caused my nerves to control me and I threw this 1st spot quickly. The 2nd finals I had a nice fight with Sidney and Florian where I sadly went to the end and became 4th. The final final then had to secure the podium. I decided to drive more aggressively and try to overtake Mitchell at the start of the final. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and Sidney and Florian came along again. In the 4th place with another final for me, I was determined to drive forward again. However, fate struck and my band exploded on the straight after 10 laps. In total I became fourth in this competition, just not a podium. Because Sidney took 3rd place here and was already close to AMCA and HFCC, it was clear that it would be the last 2 matches between us.

A small tip, though RC driving is so nice, always make sure you just eat normally and drink enough, especially with the temperatures of last summer.  

Competition 5, RACO2000 Utrecht. The track was only equipped with new asphalt and unfortunately it was still unable to find any grip, mainly because of the dust that came from outside the track. On Saturday I tested and I quickly came to the conclusion that a 6.5 engine was a better choice. (For comparison, with the 4.5 engine the rotor runs about 70-80 thousand rpm, depending on the track, with the 6.5 engine I got just 50 thousand rpm.) This engine made sure that I could keep the car fairly easy on the track especially because of the lower torque. After a rather boring qualification, I was allowed to start 2nd behind Sidney. I decided that on this circuit with this grip, I did not want to attack Sidney and take the risk of losing places. The first finals started well, Sidney soon had a hole forward and I was on the second place a hole backwards. Unfortunately I hit a loose pebble and was launched on the track, the rest of the final I drove a damaged rear wing, and I was still 3rd. The next final was clear that Thomas had been ordered by Sidney to overtake me and this he also tried, sometimes very enthusiastic. In the 3rd finals Sidney and I made a fight, we touched each other and Thomas was suddenly on 1. Thomas let Sidney along and wanted to block me, fortunately I could find a hole soon and the 2nd place to grab. Eventually I became 2nd in this match.

At the 6th game we went to Deventer, Hotwheels. This is the 4th time for me to ride the Dutch Championship there, and the 4th time that it is raining. Unfortunately, I have never driven a completely dry race, very sad, the track is fun small and technical and still gives quite a lot of grip. We were there on Saturday, rain. The predictions were worse for Sunday, after consultation between the Modified riders it was decided not to drive.

This means that with 2 victories and a 2nd place I can call myself the Dutch Champion EC10 Modified 2018! After 3 years it has succeeded.
If you want to know something about my setups (controller / car) then you can always send me a message on Facebook or via Racingline RC.
Race you next time,

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Bonus Race for Italian friends

  Lincoln De Simone     18-10-2018     Comments (0)

Bonus Race for Italian friends Hi everyone,

last Saturday 13th October we had a bonus race organized by me with the help of my team-mate Rick van den Akker at the HFCC club in Den Haag. This race has been arranged to give to my friend Dario Gabrielli the chance to drive in the1/10 Touring scale class for the first time.

Despite his young age (14 years old), Dario has been already 2 times Italian champion in the 1/8 buggy nitro category; he has a gift.. a special and absolutely out of the ordinary talent.
The young champion arrived on Thursday, accompanied by our mutual friend Giulio Corvino.
He immediately started training with the VRC simulator, and in a few hours had already beaten all my records! (ok.. against me it is easy :-D)

Let's go to the race:
We arrived at the track around 11:30, the idea was to manage three cars: Dario's car (my T4 2018), Giulio's car (a T4 2015 that I usually use for modified) and mine (borrowed from my friend Fokke Groen), but I realized that it was too much work...
I wanted to guarantee to Dario the right assistance so we decided to relegate Giulio to help us with car maintenance.

During the free practice Dario had some difficulties because the track was dirty and the grip was very low and above all, he found that driving a real car was very different compared to the simulator.
After 3/4 batteries and after the track has been cleaned up, Dario started to drive decently, he liked the car but we had no references regarding lap times because this race has been done in the opposite direction.

Finally the first qualification has come and the boy was immediately very fast, he scored as a best lap 17.624 against 17.620 done by Steven Koiter, (championship winner at HFCC) but due to too many mistakes he finished in fourth position.

In the second qualification Dario made two big mistakes with a consequent exit on the grass so he ended up again in fourth position.

In the third qualification we decided to use a new tyre set and performances improved a lot. New best lap was 17,429 which will be the best of the whole race.
In this heat Dario was starting to be able to stay focused because coming from the buggy 1/8 nitro where the finals last 30/45/60 minutes, he found it difficult to concentrate all his energy in only 7 minutes of glory.
He closed this final in second position behind Fokke Groen which means he would start the finals with number 3.

The first final has been closed in third position because he made too many mistakes.
The second final was a bit better and he finally managed to make at least 24 laps but he finished still in third position.

The last final was a pure show,  when I saw that Dario was second between Steven and Rick I just parked my car in the pitlane to enjoy this duel, my heart was beating very fast and i was not able to drive anymore :-D.
It was  unbelievable: a 14-year-old boy who had never driven a Touring 1/10 car was playing with 2 of the club's strongest drivers!
Cars were very close, Rick unfortunately made a mistake and the first two got a certain gap from him.
In a few laps the incredible happened:
Steven arrived just a bit long on a corner and has got overtaken from Dario, from then on the little champion remained in the lead closing in a perfect way every corner and removing to Steven the possibility to overtake him. Dario did what usually a very experienced driver would have done and won the final.. he is really something.

The next day we went with my friend Rick to the beautiful circuit of the MACH club in Heemstede to let Dario drive modified and after only 8 batteries his best lap was already 15.5 .. no one has ever seen something like that! well done my friend!

I have no words, I knew that Dario was talented but this is out of every expectative ... chapeau!
If I were a company looking for talented drivers, I would for sure get him! ..

I want to thank you from the deep of my heart all my friends at HFCC club, it is very nice to get help from you, it lets me feel like i'm in a family.
Thank you also to Nicola Marrone from Hot Race Tyre Factory for the tires and thirts and to Edwin Neijenhoff for the special oils and greases.
I really hope to do it again next year.

P.S. Dario tasted kroket, frikandel and kibbeling and he likes them a lot! :-D

Thank you for your time and see you on the track!

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6th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag

  Lincoln De Simone     05-10-2018     Comments (0)

6th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag Hallo guys!
Yes .. it's me again :-)
Last Saturday I participated in the 6th club race at HFCC in Den Haag, it has been the penultimate race of the season for the club as there will be another one bonus  on saturday October 13th.
It will be a special race because my dear Italian friend (and very talented driver) Dario Gabrielli will come to stay at my house for a week, so he can see how beautiful this country is, and he will take part to the race with my XRAY T4.
He will have a race for the first time in his life in the 1/10 scale Touring Electric car  category (Dario has always driven 1/8 nitro buggy and is currently vice Italian champion in the Intermediate class) will be fun!

ok.. Let's go back to the club race..
During the tests the car was in my opinion perfect, for sure not very fast, but to drive  on 17.8 at the first try with old tires made me very confident.
The amount of grip was decent so I decided to use Protoform Type-s body to have more rotation and in the first qualifying I managed to finish in third position behind Steven Koiter and Peter Meurs improving my best lap to 17.6.. I would say it went very well!
In the second qualification, unfortunately I made 2 small mistakes and I finished fifth which means to start the finals with number 4.

At this point I decided to mount a new tire set thinking that I would have had a great help and that I would have got my performances and laptimes improved but strangely it did not.
In the Final number 1 I noticed immediately that there was something wrong, the car was more difficult to drive and the rear was loose enough to make a small mistake that made me close the final in fifth position.
I was very surprised by the poor performance of this new set of tires, even my best lap was again 2 tenths slower.
Before the final number 2 my friend Steven has proposed me some changes to make  the car a little faster: 
- decrease the thickness of the shim of the rear camber link from 2mm to 1mm (the shim on the upper roll center clamp internal);
- change the insert in the front plate front arms from 1 external low to 0.5 exernal low.

Unfortunately, the situation has worsened considerably and the car was even more nervous, slippery on the rear and extremely difficult to keep on the track so I close the final in 5th position with a best lap even higher (17.9).

For the last final I chose to make a step back in terms of setup, I brought the car as it was before, except for the insert in the front arm plate at 0.5 external low, and fitted a BittyDesign M410 body.
Well, even if the car was not very fast it came up my best heat of the day with 0 errors and I closed again in fourth position which means a fifth place overall.
Certainly I am not very satisfied and still disappointed by the poor performance of the tires, (coming from the buggy 1/8 for me it is very strange to have so much gap from  bag to bag of the same brand, model and compound), but as usual, I had fun and I learned something I want to share with you:

1 - some lipo batteries can be mounted in both directions thus reversing the position of the poles, certainly in some cases it is very comfortable especially if you are with club friends and you are used to exchange the batteries, but it is good to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION before to connect the cables otherwise you will burn your beloved esc.
(I've burned 2 in a month .. I would say that it is enough :-D).

2 - as already mentioned with the same brand and model the tires change from bag to bag .. with some brands it happens less .. but still happens... and it is absolutely not nice, so keep that in mind. 

3 - do not lend your super batteries to your friends .. they will go faster than you go and finish the race in a better position than yours! (don't you agree Daniel Jansma?) :-D

4 - it is not said that a change of setup is effective on your car just because it is recommended by a driver much beter than you. 
Probably that driver is able to make a car fast, and I'm quite sure Steven is able to do it, but even more important, he is also able to DRIVE it without making mistakes!
(I do not...I mean.. not yet! :-D)

Well guys, thank you for reading and, for those who want, see you on October 13th for the Bonus race with Dario at the HFCC in Den Haag.


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