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Radio/ Receiver


 3-Channel Radio

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 3-Channel Radio

3-Channel Radio "CR3P" 2.4GHz incl. 2 Receive ABSIMA

€ 89,95

SPECIAL COMBO: Including 2 receivers!!!
CPU Radios are every rc car or boat drivers dream! But whats your dream of? It's as much fuctions as possible, big display, stable transmission, nice design - but for an reasonable price! Here we go! Absima's CR3P!
Radio features:

  • A.F.H.D.S. 2.4Ghz system
  • 3-channel radio
  • 2x 3-channel receiver
  • 10 model memories
  • Servo reverse
  • Dual rate
  • EPA
  • EXP
  • ABS
The big (39 x 72 mm), blue illuminated L.E.D. display shows all funtions and adjustments. It also keeps you updated about the radio voltage.
We putted the steering wheel in an outstanding position to keep handling as comfortable as possible. Additionaly the trim levers position allows to set, without leaving the model unattended.
Receiver specification:
  • 3-channel
  • Water-resistant
  • Failsave included
  • Measurement:
  • 35 x 21 x 12mm
  • Weight: 11g 

 Vigor High Grip Steering Pad for Sanwa & Futaba (Orange)

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Out of Stock
 Vigor High Grip Steering Pad for Sanwa & Futaba (Orange)

Vigor High Grip Steering Pad for Sanwa & Futaba (Orange)

€ 9,99

Vigor High Grip Steering Pad for Sanwa & Futaba (Orange)

2.4GHz 6-Channel Radio

2.4GHz 6-Channel Radio "CR6S" including Receiver with Mixed Mode for RC Cars, Boats and Tanks

€ 59,95


  • 2.4GHz FHSS technology, 6 channels frequency-hopping spread spectrum, highly resistant to anti-jamming.
  • Receiver response time is 3ms, ensuring a fast response and better control.
  • Smooth and highly sensitive to control inputs and stable at distances up to 200m
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles; suitalbe for RC cars, RC boats and RC tanks...etc.
  • With brake and fail safe "out of control" protection function.
  • Each 3 channels can be set respectively, supporting mixed control for 1 and 2 channels.
  • Voltage range of transmitter: 4.8V - 12V (support 1s-3s battery), automatic identification of voltage, low voltage warning on 7.4V/4.8V
  • Voltage range of receiver: 3.3V-10V, working current 30mA, supports high voltage servo.
  • Unique throttle speed limit adjustment function, allows beginners to practive at a safe speed.
  • Channel 4 with winch function ( I - 0 - II )
  • Channel 5 and 6 press for lock and press for release, servo function specially for Crawler accessories.
  • Foam wheel for a good grip
  • Channel: 6CH
  • Radio size (L/W/H): 160x100x200mm
  • Water-proof receiver
  • Receiver size (L/W/H): 35x20x13mm
  • Radio operating current: 80-120mA
  • Receiver operating current: 30mA
  • Radio voltage range: 4.8-12V (LiPo suitable)
  • Receiver voltage range: 3.3-10V
  • Stable distance control up to 200m
  • CR6S 6-Channel Radio
  • R6WP 6-Channel Receiver
  • Manual (DE/EN/FR)

4-Channel Radio

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4-Channel Radio

4-Channel Radio "CR4S" 2.4GHz incl. 2 Receiver ABSIMA

€ 52,50

e "CR4S" is a 4-channel remote control including 2 receivers, which uses the latest AFHDS 2.4GHz "ANT" frequency hopping technology from ABSIMA. 
Lightweight and compact design, as well as comfortable and ergonomic shape. In addition, the remote control has a "beginner mode" and is therefore also suitable for pilots with less experience and also children.
The included receivers have a very compact design with a size of 30.2*18.0*13.0mm and fit in almost every receiver box. 
Description of the channels (the transmitter has 4 channels which are assigned as follows):
CH1: Steering wheel
CH2: Throttle lever (Trigger)
CH3: 3-position toggle switch
CH4: Push button
Reverse function (REV): This function can be used to set the direction of rotation of the steering servo/motor.
Trimming (TRIM): Adjustment of the straight run and throttle neutral position.
Dual Rate function (D/R): The steering angle and also the motor rotation power can be increased or reduced by operating this rotary knobs.
Failsafe function: This function determines what the receiver should pass on if the signal to the transmitter is lost (e.g. emergency braking).
Beginner modus: This function is intended for newcomers. In this mode the motor power is automatically reduced to 50%.
Radio CR4S:
Channels: 4
2.4GHz Protocol: ANT
Distance: >150m
Battery (not included): 4*AAA 1.5 - 6V DC
Low V Warning: <4.2V (only NiMH)
Using LiPo TX battery possible: Yes (only LiPos with built-in low V protection)
Charging interface: No
Antenna type: Single antenne
Temperatur range: -10°C - +60°C
Dimension (L(W/H): 150*100*210 mm
Weight: ca. 130 g
Receiver R4WP Micro (2020016):
Channels: 4
Antenna type: external single antenna
Waterproof: Yes
Power: 3.5-8.4V
Failsafe: Yes (in connection with radio)
Temperatur range: -10°C - +60°C
Weight: 5 g
Size: 30.2*18.0*13.0 mm
1* 4-Channel radio "CR4S"
2* 4-Channel receivers
1* Antenna tube
1* Manual (DE/ENG/FR)

500100 Refelx Wheel Start 2.4GHz Blauw Radioset

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500100 Refelx Wheel Start 2.4GHz Blauw Radioset

500100 Refelx Wheel Start 2.4GHz Blauw Radioset

€ 39,95

Technische details:
- Verkrijgbaar in 4 kleuren
- 3 kanaals ontvanger
- Geïntegreerde failsafe
- TAMIYA KIT gebruiksvriendelijk

Technische gegevens:
- Bedrijfsspanningszender 4,8 tot 6 V
- Twee traploos instelbare volledig proportionele kanalen
- Servo reverse voor beide kanalen (omkeren van de rijrichting)
- Trimfunctie voor gas en besturing
- Dual rate voor beide kanalen (servo limiet)
- Voeding van de ontvanger (zonder BEC) tot 11 V mogelijk
- Geïntegreerde fail-safe
- Uni-plug-systeem voor Futaba en Graupner-J/R
- Batterijstatusindicator via LED.

Leveromvan: 3-kanaals 2,4 GHz-zender, 3-kanaals 11 V mini-ontvanger en meertalige handleiding.

Veiligheidsaanbeveling: niet geschikt voor kinderen jonger dan 14 jaar. De verpakking moet worden bewaard, omdat deze belangrijke informatie bevat. De afbeeldingen kunnen afwijken van het product in het pakket. CARSON behoudt zich het recht voor om op elk moment verbeteringen en wijzigingen aan te brengen.

Let op! Niet geschikt voor kinderen onder de 14 jaar.

Carson nummer: 500100

EAN: 4005299501005

501514 ontvanger Reflex Pro 2,4 GHz BEC

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In stock
501514 ontvanger Reflex Pro 2,4 GHz BEC

501514 ontvanger Reflex Pro 2,4 GHz BEC

€ 29,95

501514, Carson, ontvanger Reflex Pro 2,4 GHz BEC

Ontvanger Reflex Pro 2,4 GHz BEC

Carson nummer: 501514

EAN: 4005299515149

ABSIMA 2-Channel Radio

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Out of Stock
ABSIMA 2-Channel Radio

ABSIMA 2-Channel Radio "CR2S.V2" 2.4GHz incl. Receiver - 2000001

€ 39,99

Absima's CR2S V.2 is the perfect choice for hobby level rc drivers. No matter if car or boat! The A.F.H.D.S. 2,4Ghz System secures reliable transmission and range. Made for pure driving pleasure!
Radio Specification:

  • A.F.H.D.S. 2.4Ghz system
  • 2-channel radio
  • 3-channel receiver with "failsafe" function
  • "Servo reverse" function
  • "Dual rate" funtion
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Steering wheel with rubber foam
  • Internal antenna 
 Receiver Specification:
  • 3-channel
  • Measurement: 35 x 21 x 12mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Failsafe function included

Absima 2-kanal Fernsteuerung

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Absima 2-kanal Fernsteuerung

Absima 2-kanal Fernsteuerung "cr2s.v2" 2.4ghz Inkl. 2 Empfänger - 2000101

€ 54,95

Absima 2-kanal Fernsteuerung "cr2s.v2" 2.4ghz Inkl. 2 Empfänger

ABSIMA 3-channel receiver suitable for CR2S(V2), CR3P and CR4T radio - Waterresistan

ABSIMA 3-channel receiver suitable for CR2S(V2), CR3P and CR4T radio - Waterresistan

€ 29,99

3-channel receiver suitable for CR2S(V2), CR3P and CR4T radio - Waterresistant.

  • 2.4Ghz A.F.H.D.S. system
  • 3-channel
  • Water-resistant 
  • Failsafe function
  • Measurement: 35 x 21 x 12mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Voltage: 4,8V - 6,6V

Absima 3-kanal Fernsteuerung

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Absima 3-kanal Fernsteuerung

Absima 3-kanal Fernsteuerung "cr3p" 2.4ghz Inkl. Empfänger - 2000002

€ 79,95

Absima 3-kanal Fernsteuerung "cr3p" 2.4ghz Inkl. Empfänger

Beschermtas voor zender hardcase universeel

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Out of Stock
Beschermtas voor zender hardcase universeel

Beschermtas voor zender hardcase universeel

€ 24,99

Beschermtas voor zender hardcase universeel

Deze hoogwaardige en schokbestendige beschermtas is geschikt voor vele R/C handzenders. Met zachte binnenbekleding en draagriem.
Geschikt voor veel populaire R/C handzenders zoals handzenders van Futaba, Graupner etc.

- Kleur: zwart
- Gewicht: ca. 380 g
- Afmetingen: ca. 260 x 260 x 110mm

- 1 zender beschermtas hardcase

Artikelnummer: 15284
EAN: 4013389079839


C5373 MASTER GigaProp 4 Set (Mode 1)

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In stock
C5373 MASTER GigaProp 4 Set (Mode 1)

C5373 MASTER GigaProp 4 Set (Mode 1)

€ 74,95

Pichler C5373 MASTER GigaProp 4 Set (Mode 1)

Modern 4-kanaals 2.4Ghz Fernsteuerset inclusief zender en ontvanger. Dit regelt uw R / C model veilig en betrouwbaar. Het moderne, slanke ontwerp maakt de zender aangenaam te raken voor kleine en grote handen.

Product kenmerken:
- 4-kanaals proportionele digitale afstandsbediening MODE 1 (gasknuppel rechts)
- De nieuwste 2,4 GHz transmissie technologie met korte antennes
- Op basis van betrouwbare technologie
- Volledige reikwijdte (Full Range System)
- Robuust, easy-grip kunststof behuizing in normale grootte (geen speelgoed)
- Non-slip, professioneel geanodiseerde aluminium stuurknuppel
- Echte frequentie hopping

MASTER zender GigaProp 4
- Digitale trims voor alle kanalen
- Geïntegreerde V-staart mixer (Delta mixer) schakelaar selecteerbaar
- Schakelaar voor servo draairichtingen
- Trainer boek (docent / student)
- Andere ontvangers kunnen worden herschikt op elk gewenst moment
- Alle commerciële servo's aangesloten (universal plug)
- Bedrijfsspanning 4.8V =
- Afmetingen (LxBxH) = 200 x 170 x 40mm
- Gewicht = ongeveer 375g

Receiver MASTER 6K
- Gewicht = 8g
- Afmetingen (LxBxH) = 45 x 23 x 9 / 13mm
- Bedrijfsspanning = 4,8 ... 6.0V
- Volledige dekking (Full Range System)

1x zender MASTER GigaProp 4
1x ontvanger Master 6K
1x Binding plug
- Handleiding Duits, Engels

Optioneel (aanbevolen)
- Ontvanger MASTER 6K, # C8978
- MASTER Leraar / leerling-kabel, # C9020
- Flight Simulator Aansluitset voor PC / USB-poort, # C6099

Om de zender te bedienen zijn 4 stuks gewone AA batterijen of accu´s nodig nodig (niet inbegrepen).

Pichler nummer: C5373

EAN: 4056534002597

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