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6th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag

6th 2018 club race at HFCC club in Den Haag Hallo guys!
Yes .. it's me again :-)
Last Saturday I participated in the 6th club race at HFCC in Den Haag, it has been the penultimate race of the season for the club as there will be another one bonus  on saturday October 13th.
It will be a special race because my dear Italian friend (and very talented driver) Dario Gabrielli will come to stay at my house for a week, so he can see how beautiful this country is, and he will take part to the race with my XRAY T4.
He will have a race for the first time in his life in the 1/10 scale Touring Electric car  category (Dario has always driven 1/8 nitro buggy and is currently vice Italian champion in the Intermediate class) will be fun!

ok.. Let's go back to the club race..
During the tests the car was in my opinion perfect, for sure not very fast, but to drive  on 17.8 at the first try with old tires made me very confident.
The amount of grip was decent so I decided to use Protoform Type-s body to have more rotation and in the first qualifying I managed to finish in third position behind Steven Koiter and Peter Meurs improving my best lap to 17.6.. I would say it went very well!
In the second qualification, unfortunately I made 2 small mistakes and I finished fifth which means to start the finals with number 4.

At this point I decided to mount a new tire set thinking that I would have had a great help and that I would have got my performances and laptimes improved but strangely it did not.
In the Final number 1 I noticed immediately that there was something wrong, the car was more difficult to drive and the rear was loose enough to make a small mistake that made me close the final in fifth position.
I was very surprised by the poor performance of this new set of tires, even my best lap was again 2 tenths slower.
Before the final number 2 my friend Steven has proposed me some changes to make  the car a little faster: 
- decrease the thickness of the shim of the rear camber link from 2mm to 1mm (the shim on the upper roll center clamp internal);
- change the insert in the front plate front arms from 1 external low to 0.5 exernal low.

Unfortunately, the situation has worsened considerably and the car was even more nervous, slippery on the rear and extremely difficult to keep on the track so I close the final in 5th position with a best lap even higher (17.9).

For the last final I chose to make a step back in terms of setup, I brought the car as it was before, except for the insert in the front arm plate at 0.5 external low, and fitted a BittyDesign M410 body.
Well, even if the car was not very fast it came up my best heat of the day with 0 errors and I closed again in fourth position which means a fifth place overall.
Certainly I am not very satisfied and still disappointed by the poor performance of the tires, (coming from the buggy 1/8 for me it is very strange to have so much gap from  bag to bag of the same brand, model and compound), but as usual, I had fun and I learned something I want to share with you:

1 - some lipo batteries can be mounted in both directions thus reversing the position of the poles, certainly in some cases it is very comfortable especially if you are with club friends and you are used to exchange the batteries, but it is good to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION before to connect the cables otherwise you will burn your beloved esc.
(I've burned 2 in a month .. I would say that it is enough :-D).

2 - as already mentioned with the same brand and model the tires change from bag to bag .. with some brands it happens less .. but still happens... and it is absolutely not nice, so keep that in mind. 

3 - do not lend your super batteries to your friends .. they will go faster than you go and finish the race in a better position than yours! (don't you agree Daniel Jansma?) :-D

4 - it is not said that a change of setup is effective on your car just because it is recommended by a driver much beter than you. 
Probably that driver is able to make a car fast, and I'm quite sure Steven is able to do it, but even more important, he is also able to DRIVE it without making mistakes!
(I do not...I mean.. not yet! :-D)

Well guys, thank you for reading and, for those who want, see you on October 13th for the Bonus race with Dario at the HFCC in Den Haag.

  Lincoln De Simone     05-10-2018 14:48     Comments ( 0 )
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